Perth Wedding Photography

Thank you so much for considering us as your wedding photographers! We are Diane and Amber, best friends and have been business partners for over 14 years. When we are not out shooting some of Perth’s most gorgeous weddings you can find us in our beautiful, light filled studio on Bulwer St, near our favourite photo location, Hyde Park.

We are partners in good humour and capturers of golden light and moments. We are ‘both ‘noticers’ – we notice those photographic moments that are so fleeting, at the same time never losing sight of the hero shots that make up your story. We are also often helpers with our trusty sewing kit at the ready, and are experts at calming unsteady nerves.

H e l l o S p r i n g B o n u s ! ! !

Every wedding we book before end of September comes with a bonus worth $735, see our pricing page for more! Valid for weddings before 30 June 2020 only.

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Our photography style is natural, real, and beautiful. We make it simple for you, keep it light, and focus on the precious candid moments that naturally occur between two people who are madly in love. We try not to follow trends and keep our post-production style natural and authentic. We are passionate about keeping colours accurate which requires Photoshopping images individually rather than using dark and moody filters.

Years from now we want you to look at your wedding photographs and have all of those memories come flooding back.

The bliss, sentiment, light, and laughter from the day you wed.

You can find out more about us here and download our full wedding photography pricelist here

We would love to meet you and hear more about your wedding day, you can contact us via email

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