Personal Branding Photography

Photographers Amber Simcoe & Diane DeRay

Photographers Amber Simcoe & Diane DeRay

We want to tell your visual stories…

What if you could get all the photo CONTENT you needed easily, without wasting hours on your phone?

So many small business owners we talk to are spending precious time every week trying to achieve a cohesive look for their brand using iPhone photos. They are struggling to achieve a professional look by using a million different filters and apps when they could be spending more time growing their business!

 You can achieve your goals and dreams and GROW your business through social media and online advertising. You need to tell the STORY of your business through images, it's called "personal branding photography".

 You need to CONNECT with clients who have never met you. Personal brand photography let clients know you’re a real person, just like them and helps them invest in YOU.

Case study: Rustic Charm Interiors

This is Crystal from Rustic Charm Interiors, she told us she had been totally distracted from her business lately. She had been spending many precious hours every week trying to come up with amazing phone photos for her Instagram feed. She was finding it exhausting and she wasn’t enjoying social media all. After her personal branding shoot in which showcased her furniture in her own home we received this amazing feedback:

“Thank you so very much for the BEAUTIFUL photos! I’ve never seen our home and product look so gorgeous. Thank you. 

 The best part..... I have like 4 months worth of content! Instagram is my friend once again! We’ve also been working on a mini magazine and decorating service PDF and both look so professional with the photos you both took, I can’t wait to share.”

Personal Branding Photography - Rustic Charm Interiors

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Personal Branding Shoot

Featuring what's unique about you, your sense of style and what would make you appeal to your ideal clients.

Before the shoot we meet you for a pre-shoot meeting, this is the most important part of the whole process!

We will sit down with you over coffee and find out everything about you and your business.  We like to know your brand colours, social media platforms and who inspires you. We have both been self employed for over 15 years and can relate to the many challenges of being a small business owner, we are here to help you.

We will then make a plan for your shoot and work out the 'stories' that we will focus on, the ones that will help achieve your goals.

One of our clients commented that their pre-shoot meeting was better than having a business coach!

All packages includes full usage and print rights and they can be used on any social media platforms, websites and other marketing without the need to credit us.

The images will be styled to reflect your brand, they will connect you with your key audience and help you achieve SUCCESS with your business.

One hour of photography ~ $475

Pre-shoot phone call to discuss locations, outfits and make a plan for the shoot day.

On the day of the photo shoot you will get 1 hour of photography in one location. We are experts at making camera-shy people feel relaxed and happy, allowing their true selves to shine through.

For $475 you will receive 30 quality images that you can use however you like, online and in print.

Two hours of photography ~ $795

Pre-shoot meeting in-person to discuss locations, outfits and make a plan for the shoot day.

On the day of the photo shoot you will get 2 hours of photography in two locations.

For $795 you will receive 60 quality images that you can use however you like, online and in print. That's enough images to post one a day, 5 days a week, for three whole months!

Personal Branding Photography - DeRay and Simcoe Perth

Full Day of Photography ~ $2,195

Pre-shoot meeting to discuss locations, outfits and make a plan for the shoot day.

A personal branding photography shoot plus a product shoot for your business. 

This is suitable for businesses with an online store who want to build an image library of their products with up to 6 hours of photography. You can have unlimited number of locations and is a great option if you want to capture an outdoor location in the golden sunset light.

This package includes a minimum of 150 images to help you totally dominate your on-line presence.

Staff member photo - Lala Designs Perth

Headshots ~ $295

No studio lights against a boring background here! We have a beautiful shooting space flooded with natural light and gorgeous furniture. You are welcome to bring in some decor items to add your branding colours to the shoot. Headshots are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm by appointment.

Our headshot package includes the first four images of your choice, extra images can be purchased for $45 each after viewing in an on-line gallery. Purchased images will have light retouching included.

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Headshots Perth

Case Study: Lala Designs

We’ve admired Lala from Lala Designs for a long time for her clever business sense. She’s been in business for 15 years and has reinvented Lala Designs recently turning it from mostly a retail stationery store into a bespoke card and invitation designer.

When Lala closed her retail premises, she realised she would need to connect with her customers in a different way. Despite being a little camera shy, Lala has embraced social media as a way of building a relationship with her clients and has become the face of Lala Designs.

Many clients comment that they feel they know her already before they even meet through her strong online presence.

“Wow girls, I love this, we had so much fun with you and didn’t feel like we had a camera in our face at all.”