CD Weddings | Personal Brand Photography Perth

We have known Cathrin for years through her beautiful wedding planning work. We were thrilled when she chose us for her Personal Branding shoot! At our pre-shoot planning meeting Cathrin told us she wanted to show the world her creative process and showcase her branding colours of sage and blush.

Cathrin is such a elegant lady with a real eye for details… check out her website and social media to see more of her lovely work.

Kind words from Cathrin

Thank you guys. I had such a great time. It was fun and you guys certainly know how to make someone feel relaxed while looking into the camera, a big thank you!

Styling and design: Cathrin from CD Weddings

Location: DeRay & Simcoe studio Bulwer St Perth

Flowers: Wildwood Floral

Rustic Charm - Personal Brand Photography

We have taken photos of Crystal from Rustic Charm Interiors before so when we launched our Personal Brand Photography she jumped at the chance to have a shoot to promote her business.

She took a little convincing to get in front of the camera but she conquered her fears and we photographed her and her beautiful products.

Crystal confessed had been totally distracted from her business lately. She had been spending many precious hours every week trying to come up with amazing phone photos for her Instagram feed. She was finding it exhausting and she wasn’t enjoying social media all. After her personal branding shoot in which showcased her furniture in her own home we received this amazing feedback:

“Thank you so very much for the BEAUTIFUL photos! I’ve never seen our home and product look so gorgeous. Thank you. 

 The best part..... I have like 4 months worth of content! Instagram is my friend once again! We’ve also been working on a mini magazine and decorating service PDF and both look so professional with the photos you both took, I can’t wait to share.”

See the gorgeous magazine Crystal produced using our photos here