AIPP Awards - WA State Awards and APPA Awards 2018

It's photography award's season with the national AIPP APPA  awards being held recently in Melbourne.   

I entered both the state and national awards this year with my creative fabric inspired series. Every element in the series was photographed by me and assembled in Photoshop. I really pushed myself to present images that were tactile in nature and would challenge the judge's preconceptions of a "photograph".

It was my first time entering a folio of images into the Illustrative category which is one of the most popular categories in the awards. Illustrative photography is a general category designed to recognise photographs taken or produced to illustrate a subject or topic. 

I am excited that all the images won awards at both the state and national levels.

At the WA awards I was a finalist in the Illustrative category and even gained a coveted gold award with the first ever woven photograph!  I decided to change a few of the images based on the judge's feedback, spot the differences in the photos below...

My scores weren't quite as high for the national awards but still solid, earning me four more points towards my goal of a  'gold bar' on my masters ribbon. 

The first four photos below are from the state awards entries.


These four are the updated versions for the national awards.


The biggest sense of achievement for me has come from tapping into my creative side and following the project through from the initial idea to the finished artwork, the awards were just a bonus!  There's personal meaning in all the images and I found the process very therapeutic during a challenging period in my life.

A huge thank you to my partner in crime Diane who was my 'creative advisor' from start to finish and let me spend (lots of) work time and money on the project!

Also big thanks to our favourite local suppliers Fitzgerald Photo Lab  and Preservation Framers for going above and beyond as usual to get the printing and matting done on time, especially with such challenging entries!

Amber xx