Lifestyle family portrait - The James Family

These two gorgeous little girls are lucky enough to live on a semi-rural property in Wanneroo with their parents and lots of cute animals!

Diane and I were invited to join them for a late afternoon photo session.  Their Newfoundland dog August took quite a shine to Diane, he likes to lean his whole weight (70kg) on you and look lovingly into your eyes.


Nadia and Adam chose an image box to display their favourite photos.  This is a great option for families as you can rotate the photos you have on display and keep the rest in the box.

image box.jpg

Kind words from Nadia and Adam: "Amber and Diane are amazing! They not only captured beautiful moments in our family portrait session, but also guided us in how best to display the gorgeous photos! I highly recommend DeRay and Simcoe and we will definitely be using them again in the future! Thank you for the gorgeous memories Amber and Diane!"

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