How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

In the last few years, wedding couples are leaving the booking of their wedding photographer until much later.  Some even leaving it until only a few months before their wedding.

We're not exactly sure why this is but we wanted to explain a few things about wedding photography to avoid couples being disappointed by missing out on the photographer of their choice.

So our advice for couple's planning their weddings.

Work out the priorities for your wedding and book these first.  

Unless you have an unlimited budget, it makes sense to talk about what is most important for your day and allocate more of your spend towards the things that really matter to you and your partner.  There's a lot of emphasis on the visual aspects of a wedding nowadays, especially since the advent of social media.  Of course we love photographing stunning weddings with pinterest worthy details but don't forget that weddings lead to marriages.   Who knows if a USB of photos will still be able to be viewed in the future?  We like to imagine our couples viewing their wedding album in 20 years time with their families when printed photos from this era are a rare and precious gift.

If quality photography is a high priority for your wedding and you've fallen in love with a particular style, it makes sense to secure your photographer as early as possible.

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Quality white leather handmade wedding albums by Queensberry 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I've chosen a popular date?

Unfortunately you can't really tell without being able to ask all the engaged couples in Perth.  Chances are, if you're looking at Saturday in Spring, Summer or Autumn, you've chosen a popular date!  We've found Sundays aren't as popular as they used to be but Fridays definitely are.  

Shouldn't I book my venue first?

Most couples do like to lock their venue in before looking at other suppliers.  This makes sense as then you will have the date confirmed.  What's a good idea though as a few of our couples have done in the past is check our availability when they have a shortlist of dates from their proposed venue. 

What do I do if the photographer I want is already booked for my date?

As there is two of us, we're able to book two weddings on the same day.  This means that we may not book out as quickly as other photographers who are mostly work alone.  When we do receive an enquiry for a date we're already booked for, we recommend one of our colleagues in the AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.  If the photographer you had your heart set on is not available, make sure you ask who they recommend as they will have a good idea on who can provide a comparable service.    

How far in advance should I book your wedding photographer?

We say, as soon as your venue is confirmed is usually the right amount of time.  This is usually in the 6 - 12 months before your wedding.  If your wedding is coming up sooner than that, don't panic, we may still have availability or had a cancellation.  In our 12 years as wedding photographers, we have taken bookings as far as 18 months in advance and as soon as 2 weeks before the wedding.



Boutique handmade Japanese silk album with duplicate parent album by Queensberry.  


"When we went to meet Diane and Amber for the first time we had searched high and low for a photographer... Even considering bringing someone from interstate. But we knew from the first conversation that they were perfect for us!

We loved the whole process of working with Diane and Amber. From prepping before the wedding (and we really can't recommend the engagement shoot enough) to their wonderful, patient and professional attitude on the day!!

The photos, and the albums are absolutely incredible! They are life long memories we will absolutely treasure. We are looking for an excuse to work with Diane and Amber again. Thank you for helping to make our day so special!!"


Lorraine & Jonathan.

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