Diane DeRay & Amber Simcoe are thrilled that you are considering them to be your photographers.

They have been working together for more than 12 years, taking elegant, natural photos you will love and will cherish for a lifetime.

Diane & Amber's philosophy is to create photos that will bring moments alive in your mind as they happened. Their friendship and shared love for their families underpins the commitment they apply to their business.

They are friends who share common interests in photography, fabulous food and spending time with their families. Diane has one girl, a gorgeous redhead with an obsession for sport, while Amber has two boys, who enjoy teaching her how to build lego castles and share her love of music. 

They have been working from their gorgeous, light filled studio on Bulwer Street since 2005.


We have been best friends forever and love working together…

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They are proud to both be accredited members of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers), the premiere association for wedding and portrait photographers in Australia.

They have both achieved Master of Photography status for their award winning images taken at real weddings. 


Polka Dot Bride's
"What Would They Know" Interview 2017

What a lovely thing it is to be a close knit photography team; with your aims, goals, and shooting styles so in tune that you are still going strong after 12 years in partnership. This is the story of Diane and Amber of DeRay & Simcoe; best friends, partners in good humour and excellent wedding photography, and ‘capturers’ of golden light and moments.

Amber and Diane say they are ‘noticers’ – they notice those photographic moments that are often fleeting but important, at the same time never losing sight of the hero shots that make up your story. They are also often helpers with their trusty sewing kit at the ready, calming unsteady nerves when stress gets the better of you and negotiating tricky situations. 

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